Mama Madison: No judgments with No Excuse Mom

Help with getting in shape

If there is an excuse for not working out and eating healthy, I have used it: I don't have time. I'm too tired. I'll start tomorrow. I'm no good at this, I give up. I don't know where to start. Yes, I have used all of these and more.


Mama Madison: Introducing kids to your CSA box
Open-minded toddlers may like its contents more than your spouse
At almost a year old, my kids are in the blissful stage of life where they'll eat nearly anything that I put in front of them (at least as long as it doesn't require much in the way of molar action). >More

Mama Madison: Changing tables, changing times
When there will be no more babies in the house
My family recently went through something that we have not experienced in over eight years. We have become a household that no longer harbors a crib or a changing table. >More

From museum to school with MMoCA
Pieces from its permanent collection go on the road, inspire budding artists
"There really is no wrong way to do it." That's how Madeline, age 13, describes creating artwork. She and her classmates at Prairie View Middle School in Sun Prairie are honing their artistic skills by participating in the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art's Art on Tour program. >More

Mama Madison: Coping with toddlers in a Wisconsin winter
Full diaper under layers of snow suit. Noooooooo!
I'm having trouble enjoying the season, because I can't keep myself from thinking about the miserable weather that's sure to be following close on the heels of the crisp, pleasant fall we've been having. I am not at all emotionally prepared to be the parent of two toddlers during a Wisconsin winter. >More