Mama Madison: Back-to-school confidences

Supporting grade schoolers in what can be a scary time

Is it just me or does each summer seem to go by quicker than the last? The end of summer is upon us and for many families this means the start of a new school year.


Mama Madison: Does back-to-school really mean a whole new wardrobe?
Glue stick, yes. But new skirts and tops?
This past week, on the way to the grocery store, my daughter asked what I believed she thought would be a innocuous question, "Mom, when are we going back-to-school shopping?" >More

Mama Madison: Next generation of bloggers
Kids are great chroniclers of niche topics
Volunteering with the Young Writers Summer Camp this past week really helped me to remember how utterly creative kids can be when encouraged to come up with their own ideas and use their own words. >More

Mama Madison: Returning to the workforce
How do I impose rules on latchkey kids?
This past week I gleefully accepted an offer for new job on the UW-Madison campus. My kids are getting are older and I guess I've felt for a while now that it was time to figure out what would be next for me on the professional front. >More

Triathlons raise money to teach kids healthy habits
Baby Ironman
"Kids spend so much time in and around school, it's the only place where some have a chance to develop an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle," says Katie Hensel, founder and executive director of Tri 4 Schools. >More


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